Garlic bread with garlic sauce 5 EUR

Deep-fried onion rings with garlic sauce 5 EUR

Potato wedges with garlic dip 5 EUR

Spring rolls with chilli sauce 5 EUR

Breaded sprats with english mustard sauce 5 EUR

Herring with sour cream and onions 6 EUR

Deep-fried cheese balls with dip 6 EUR

Crab pincers with salad dressing 6 EUR

Meat dumplings with sour cream 6 EUR

Smoked ribs with BBQ sauce  6 EUR

Chicken wings with garlic dip 6 EUR

Chicken strips with dip 6.50 EUR

Spicy potato and cheese snack with chilli 6.50 EUR
and sour cream sauce

Cheese platter 9 EUR
(white and blue veined cheese, Estonian cheese, grapes, crackers)


Beef soup with lentils 6.50 EUR (carrot, beef, garlic, spinach, bell pepper, celery, lentils, sprouts)

Meat solianka 6.50 EUR (wieners, ham, smoked sausage, onion, pork, beef, pickles, tomato sauce)

Salmon soup / creamy salmon soup 6.50 EUR / 7 EUR (salmon, shrimps, carrots, red onion, leek, tomato, lemon)

Cappuccino soup with chanterelles and parmesan cheese 7 EUR


Smoked ham and potato salad 7 EUR (smoked ham, potato slices, tomato, pickled gherkin, onion, salad dressing)

Greek salad 7 EUR (salad cheese, iceberg lettuce, sweet bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, olives, red onions, salad dressing)

Caesar salad with chicken 8 EUR (iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, chicken fillet, croutons)

Shrimp salad with mozzarella and bacon 8 EUR (lettuce, shrimps, bacon, mozzarella,tomato, olives, sun-dried 

tomatoes, cucumber, rye crisps, olive oil)

Warm salmon and potato one pan dish 9 EUR (cheese sauce, salmon, potato, red onion, spinach)


Chicken pasta with spinach 9 EUR (chicken fillet, spinach, leek, sprouts, cream, parmesan)

Chicken stir fry 9 EUR (rice, chicken fillet, bacon, bell pepper, leek, dried plums, cream)

Salmon and shrimp stir fry 10 EUR (shrimps, salmon, tagliatelle pasta, bell pepper, onion, pearl onion, pineapple)

Three meat stir fry 10 EUR (rice, salmon, bacon, shrimps, yellow sun-dried tomato, red onion,
patisson, cream, wine, soy sauce)


French fries with ketchup 5 EUR

Frankfurters with french fries 6 EUR (frankfurters, french fries, cucumber, tomato, ketchup)

Pasta for kids 7 EUR (penne pasta, bacon, chicken fillet, cherry tomato, cream,
cheese )

Meat balls with mashed potatoes and cream sauce 7 EUR

Small grilled chicken fillet 8 EUR (french fries, tomato, cucumber, island sauce)



Sweet potato with adjika 5.50 EUR

Cream of tomato soup with sprouts and pine nuts 5.50 EUR (chilly sauce, vegan chees, tempura flour, zucchini, carrot,  green beans, bell pepper)

Spring rolls with fresh salad 6 EUR (iceberg lettuce, cucumber, raddish, bell pepper, red onion, tomato, honey-mustard sauce, springrolls, sweet chilly sauce)

Green salad with olives and artichoke 6.50 EUR (mixed salad greens, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, grilled olives, artichokes, red sun dried tomatoes, sprouts, rye and garlic crisps, olive oil, physalis)

Potato patties filled with mushrooms and onions, sourcream and chilli sauce 7EUR

Vegan one pan dish 7 EUR (sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, lentils, olives, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, oat kitchen cream and peanut cream)

Lentil wok 7 EUR (lentils, rocket salad, chick peas, zucchini, pineapple, patisson, mushrooms, black sesame seeds, soy sauce, white wine)

Vegetarian pasta 8 EUR (roasted bell pepper, green beans, pesto, zucchini, penne pasta, cream,cheese, parmesan cheese)

Chanterelle-vegetable wok with rice 8 EUR (garlic, chanterelles, soy sauce, worchester sauce, white wine, celery, mozzarella, corn, red beans, carrot, green beans, peas)

Carrot patties with artichoke and sun dried tomatoescover, vegetable salad and chanterelle sauce 9 EUR (with oat cream)



Bacon with fried egg and potatoes 9 EUR (smoked bacon, egg, potatoes, tomato, cucumber and salad dressing)

Chicken with raw-smoked bacon 12 EUR (mashed potatoes, cucumber, tomato, pickled red onions, cheese sauce)

Pork neck chops in lingonberry marinade 13 € (potato wedges, iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, pickled cucumber, tomato, herb cream sauce)

Pork tenderloin skewers in peanut marinade 14 € (creamy chilli sauce, radish salad, potato slices)

Vegetable wok with salmon 14 EUR (champignons, bell pepper, onion, sugar snaps, sweet chilli sauce)

Roasted lamb fillet 22 EUR (mashed potatoes, rocket, onion and cherry tomato salad) 

Grilled beef tenderloin 25 EUR (mashed potatoes, rocket, onion and cherry tomato salad, red wine sauce)
Organic meat has been used in cooking the dish


Ice-cream cocktail 4 EUR

Large pancakes with raspberry jam 5 EUR

Large pancakes with honey 5 EUR

Ice-cream assortment with sauce 5 EUR

Large pancakes with ice-cream and chocolate 5.50 EUR

Curd mousse with raspberry purée 5.50 EUR (organic curd is used in preparing the dish)

Baked cheesecake with berry sauce 6 EUR

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce 6 EUR
(warm chocolate dessert)