The bowling alley is open
Mon-Thu 17-22
Fri 17-24
Sat 12-24
Sun 12-22

On the ground floor of the modern and light recreation centre built on the ruins of couple of hundred year old manor stables at the end of 2003 there is a four-line bowling alley, the professional staff of which is ready to introduce to you the basis and techniques of bowling. In addition to sporty ball rolling, we offer beverages and snacks in the bar. It is possible to have birthdays or other parties with this sporty entertainment, because we will help!

The red bowling pin: To get the free Saku 0,5l beer you need a little bit of luck and some skills. When the red bowling pin comes as the first one in your line, give a signal to barman and throw "STRIKE" before his eyes and refreshing drink will be yours. Game takes place every Monday and Wednesday from 17 to 24 o´clock.

Throw 191:
Every player who has reached 191 points within one game cycle, gets a free Battery from the bar not depending on the date or time.

Be the best of the week:
The player who gets the highest score of the week will be rewarded with one free hour of bowling.