Warm salad with beef fillet 12€

Lamb carpaccio with rocket and cherry tomato salad 8€

Red caviar with blinis, red onion and sour cream 8€

Potato cutlets and parma molten cheese stuffed mushrooms in raw smoked bacon 7€

Main courses

Vegetable and rice wok with tofu and peanut sauce 7€

Tortelloni with chicken fillet and parmesan cheese 8€

Grilled raw smoked pork chops with chokeberry and chilly glaze, oven baked apple with mushroom and seeds filling, green pepper sauce 14€

Salmon fillet breaded with sesame seeds, pesto butter, roasted artichoke, sundried tomatoes and walnuts 15€

Lamb tenderloin, chanterelle and lentil wok, cherry and wine sauce, capers crisps 24€


Chocolate fondant with ice cream 6€

Cream cheese and white chocolate cream with orange marmalade 6€

Strawberry and egg liqueur parfait with raspberry sauce 5€

Crème brûlée 5€

For children

The ball game dinner 6€
(potato balls, meat balls, tomato, cucumber, dipping sauce)

Sipsik’s Pasta 6€
(ham, cheese, whipped cream, spaghetti, peas, pineapple, cherry tomato)